Proactive Primary Care

Helping reassert the primary physicians role as principal navigator of their patients’ healthcare journeys.
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Patient Management

  • Establish a productive relationship with the very first visit.
  • Identify patients who have deviated from their plan.
  • Identify patients who have self-referred to an outside specialist.
  • Identify patients with undiagnosed chronic conditions.
  • Integrate online tools into current workflow process.

Measure Outcomes

  • Track outcomes based on costs and quality measures.
  • Monitor network costs and increase referral effectiveness.
  • Monitor virtual patient interactions.
  • Create custom analysis for various shareholders.

Client Sales Support

  • Actuarial Analysis: What is the potential savings?
  • Pricing: How much should I charge for this population?
  • Enrollment: How do I convert the population to active members?

Customer Story

Paladina Health Clinic, a subsidiary of Davita, used our analytics to project the financial impact of a Direct Primary Care model and triage patients’ potential benefit from rapid intervention.

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Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
Direct Primary Care (DPC)
Confessions of a concierge patient: Why concierge medicine is bad for healthcare.