Is your at-risk payment model at risk?

We believe that Proactive Primary Care is the key to increasing health care revenues in the value-based world. When patients follow your recommendations, you save money and they achieve better outcomes.

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Amplify Health’s Guarantee.

Amplify Health’s primary care analytics solution gives you the visibility to:

  • Refer patients to lower cost—yet effective—specialists and facilities
  • Identify priority patients and providers for focused attention
  • Reduce unnecessary leakage and specialist utilization
  • Remind patients about prevention and wellness opportunities

Because if you don’t know whether patients are complying with your care plan, you can’t control the factors that turn into value.


Understand variation in patient actions and physician practices. Know for sure that you are succeeding on performance measures, and identify areas for improvement.  Which patients can you make the biggest difference with?  What hot spots in your population do you need to focus on?

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Eliminate blind spots, such as which patients are self-referring to surgery when physical therapy is the best answer. Find out what you don’t know about patient and physician activity so you can influence it. We synthesize data from multiple sources, including EHR, claims and remote monitoring, to create the insights that enable you to save money and improve patient outcomes.

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Rapid integration. Amplify Health’s technology is practically plug and play, with every one of our 70 integrations delivered on time.

For an ACO client,  Amplify Health integrated Epic and Medicare claims in less than 12 weeks.

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And of course, we deliver the quality measure reports you need to document and manage your practice, including HEDIS measures, ACO measures, HCC scores, surveys, and more.

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Robert Slepin
Hospital VP & CIO

"Just 12 weeks after receiving our data, Amplify Health had fully deployed its population management suite with full integration of CMS claims data and clinical data from Epic. That is unprecedented."


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