Amplify Health is a more affordable and convenient way to see your family doctor.

No jumping through insurance hoops; immediate access to your doctor on your terms; and personalized treatment plans. 

Meet your future doctor today.

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Appointments at Amplify Health last between 45-60 minutes.

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Having access to your doctor when you actually need them is how healthcare should work.

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Why Choose Direct Care?

With Amplify Health, you’ll be part of an intimate family practice where a single physician sees hundreds of patients compared to thousands.

With this solid foundation, the advantages are inevitable and plentiful.

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Why should you choose Amplify Health?

So many benefits to enjoy.

Unlimited access to your doctor

Literally. After hours, weekends, holidays – there’s no bad time to receive excellent medical care.

Extended, relaxed visits.

You won’t feel rushed through an appointment and there’s never a question you won’t have time to ask. Part of the relationship you’ll build with your doctor is based on your understanding of your care. That’s what we call personal healthcare.

Same-day and next-day service scheduling

Because our physicians have reserved their time for a select few, there will be no “squeezing you in.” You’re a priority and you’ll feel like one.

Free annual physicals

This exam will be fitted to your personal medical needs. It’s all about you and your specific wellness goals.

Full access via technology.

You’ll be able to reach our team via phone, e-mail, text, webcam, and more. The sky is the limit.

House calls

We understand there may be times when making it into our office can be challenging and a home visit would be more beneficial… in these circumstances, our docs or nurses will come to you.

Diagnostic and procedural benefits at no extra costs.

EKG, Holter Monitor, DEXA Scan, Body Fat Analysis, Spirometry, Breathing Treatments, Cryotherapy, Lesion Removal, Laceration Repair, just to name a few.

Wholesale labs and medication costs.

We pass our benefits right to you.


As partners in your general wellness, we’re fully invested in your healthcare goals. This is why we offer complete transparency into our practice, billing, and communication processes.

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Our telemedicine serves patients across the country.

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